Paper Functional Chemicals

Excellent dry strength performance from a low addition rate to high addition rate of dry strength agent. The DSA performance increases

accordingly with the dosages increase. A small addition rate can also

produce high-strength paper. It can display good dry-strength

Performance in a system with a large amount of anionic trash or with

high electrical conductivity. Good retention and drainage performance.

It is an acrylate-based polymer, which imparts excellent water resistance

to paper and also improve ink absorption and surface strength.

It is suitable for kraftliner, high-strength corrugated paper, whiteboard

and offset paper.

An alkyl ketene dimerization system emulsion. In addition

to imparting excellent water repellency to paper, it also significantly

Improves the surface strength and printability of paper, and is widely

used in high-strength corrugated paper, high-grade cultural paper.

Wet strength agent can improve the wet and strength of the paper,

reduce paper breakage, improve the water filtration and wet strength

of the paper web. It is an environmentally friendly product.

Coating Chemicals

High bonding strength and good compatibility with other coating components.

Good Runnability on any type of coating machinery

Greater gloss and ink gloss, good dry and wet pick.

Good Runnability on any type of coating machinery

Paper Making Process Chemicals

Efficient pulp defoamer with good system compatibility, does not affect

The use of other chemicals, and adapts to different temperatures.

Defoamer of surfactant type. Strong defoaming ability, low dosage.

Suitable for high temperature environment, also suitable for surface sizing,

coating section.

It is a broad-spectrum microbial control agent with long antiseptic time and can be applied to microbial control of coatings and auxiliary systems.

The high-positive charge can wrap the adhesive and attach it to the Fiber,

Forming a paper exiter system with the web.

It is suitable for the deinking requirements of different types of papers such as old newspapers, used office papers, and waste books and papers. It is cost-effective and suitable for large-scale deinking flotation equipment with controllable foam.

Liquid deinking agent, easy to add, balance the relationship between deinking and trapping, reduce paper dust point and improve paper whiteness.

Effective improve the water filtration capacity of the slurry, improve the ash retention rate, improve the sheet foaming, and improve the operation efficiency of the paper machine.

High molecular weight and low positive charge products, stable molecular structure, fast dissolution rate, not easy to agglomerate, can significantly improve the retention rate without affecting the paper formation.

Water Treatment Chemicals

It is suitable for various papermaking sections, such as white water air flotation treatment, sewage treatment and sludge dewatering. There are the linear polymer polyacrylamide, easy to dissolve, can be customized to choose different types of products, to solve the problem of high SS content and sludge dewatering.

It is an environment-friendly product and can be added to the wastewater treatment system without affecting biochemical. It has quick effect with low dosage and can effectively solve the problem of odor in each section of the paper mill. It can be sprayed or directly added to the white water system or wastewater system process.

Other Chemicals

Improve the quality of the paper, such as bonding strength, tensile strength. Save cost by increasing filler retention. Improve whitewater circulation system. Improve paper formation, improve drainage efficiency.

Increase the retention of recycled sludge to reduce the risk of deterioration of the wet end system due to reuse of sludge; Increase the amount of reused sludge without influencing the normal operation of the paper machine. Reduce the paper machine operation problems such as sticky cloth and press caused by the reuse of sludge. Reduce the impact of recycled sludge on paper quality

It is an efficient softening agent widely using in wet system of Tissue paper. It can improve softness, looseness and drape of paper. It can be used in production of paper for daily use which have high ratio of recycled fiber, can reduce strength performance.

This product is a high specific surface, anionic colloidal silica solution. It could be the micro-particle system with one or more cationic flocculant or anionic flocculant. This system can increase retention, filter aid, improve the speed, uniformity and stability of paper machine.

It is mainly used as liquid cationic etherifying agent to modify cellulose, cellulose derivatives and starch. When reacted with amylum, cationic starch can be produced, which can be used as internal gel painting adhesive, paper strengthening agent as well as the aid for packing and fine fiber retention aid.