Wet Strength

Wet strength agent are water-soluble polymer products. The most commonly used solutions are formulated with polyamide-epichlorohydrin (PAE) resin chemistry and are intended primarily for the consumer market. PAE resins function in neutral/alkaline papermaking processes. They have a high level of Wet strength agent permanence, help improve machine efficiency and do not adversely affect paper absorbency.

Wet strength agent work during the curing process, when the functional groups on the polymer react with cellulose fiber to form a covalent bond. The polymer molecules cross-link, forming a network in the cellulose web that provides strength when the paper becomes wet.


-Paper production efficiency: After using the product, the paper production efficiency will be improved.

-Wet strength effect: Easy to absorb water, with obvious anti-scratches effect.

-With excellent performance of keeping lustre and color, do not reduce the whiteness of original fiber.

-With stable chemical properties and good compatibility.



The product has good characteristic to reduce the problem of dropping off powder which is can widely used in the tissue, package paper, culture paper and other kinds of  wet strength of paper production.