Microbial Control

CM Chemical could provide full set microbial solutions for papermaking system, which will effectively help paper mills to reduce number of shut down cleaning, reduce quality problems caused by microbiological reasons, and improve the  operating efficiency of the paper machine. Microbiological control agent is non-oxidizing bactericide of othiazolone derivatives and has excellent anti corrosion properties under both acidic and alkaline conditions. Microbiological control agent  Control the bacterial sludge caused by bacteria and mold in the papermaking process.


-CM-P5822 ingredients are certified by the US Food and Drug Administration FDA.

-CM-P5822 is a broad-spectrum antiseptic and  is effective against both bactericide and mold.

-CM-P5822 is applied for wide range pH (3.0 – 9.0).

-CM-P5822 can be used with chlorine-containing bactericide for long time efficacy.



-Increase efficiency in a variety of applications.

-Protect capital equipment.

-Increase operating efficiency.

-Increase profitability.