It is mainly used as liquid cationic etherifying agent to modify cellulose, cellulose derivatives and starch. When reacted with amylum ,cationic starch can be produced, which can be used as internal gel painting adhesive, paper strengthening agent as well as the aid for packing and fine fiber retention aid.


-The exterior of the product is transparent liquid; it is colorless and tasteless. And has low impurity content, less than 20 ppm.

-The product quality is stable because of adopting continuous production process.

-The reactivity is high, up to 80%.




-It is used for modifying (etherifying) starch, cellulose and related compounds, then these products changed to be cationic materials.

-In alkaline conditions, CTA can react with hydroxyl of the material molecule. As CTA is cationic product, so the material is cationic after reacting with CTA.

-With cations, properties of adhesion, affinity to anionic substance, solubility of water –insoluble substances and solubility of water-insoluble will be obviously improved.