Kraftlinerboard (Kraftliner)

is unbleached linerboard manufactured from unbleached kraft pulp and recovered paper.

Coated Linerboard (Coated Kraftliner)

is a four-ply sheet of which the surface layer is coated in bleached kraft pulp.

Testlinerboard (Testliner)

is made of 100% recovered paper. It meets certain customers’ requirements for lower cost or environmental-friendly purposes.

White Top Linerboard (White Top Liner)

is a three-ply sheet of which the surface layer is bleached, and caters to customers that require a white surface for appearance or superior printability.

Corrugate Medium

High Performance Corrugating Medium

Compared to standard corrugating medium, high performance corrugating medium, which undergoes surface sizing, achieves superior strength and physical properties for the same basis weight, which reduces packaging weight, bulk and the amount of material used, allowing customers to save on shipping costs. The Group offers high performance corrugating medium ranging from 50-180g/m2, of which light weight high performance corrugating medium of 50, 60 and 70 g/m2 are at a leading position in the industry. High performance corrugating medium satisfies the needs of the customers for different classes and weights.

Coated Duplex

Coated Duplex Board

is a type of boxboard with a glossy coated surface on one side for superior printability. This product is typically used as packaging material for small boxes that require high quality printability, such as consumer electronic products, cosmetics or other consumer merchandise. It can also be used in combination with high performance corrugating medium and linerboard for the outer layer of corrugated board.

Printing & Writing Paper

Uncoated Woodfree Paper (Offset Paper)

is suitable for printing books, teaching materials, magazines, notebooks and colour pictures.

Office Paper (Copy Paper)

is suitable for colour printing and copying, colour inkjet and digital printing, high-speed black and white printing and copying for office uses.

Colored Packaging Paper

Colored Packaging Paper

has been developed and produced, with wide range and a variety of color choices, including black, blue, wine red, bright red, brown, orange, etc. The colored paper and paper boards have the features including uniform and bright color, exquisite and smooth paper surface, good printability, good toughness, good strength, a wide variety of colors, and they are widely used in the packaging boxes for electronic products ( tablet PC, smart phones, etc.), high-class wine, high-end cosmetic, gifts, jewelry, clothing and other upscale items as well as in hand bags, hang tags, et.

Carbonless Paper (NCR)

Carbonless Paper (NCR)

Chengming is offering an excellent NCR paper which uses non-tinting properties. It has a signature color that is attractive. Impressions superior performance gives it a long shelf life while being environmentally-friendly.

Waste Paper

Waste Paper

We could offer bulk Quantities of Paper both scrap in bales & scrap as below:
– Old Corrugated Containers Waste Paper
– Over Issued News Print Waste Paper
– Old News Paper Waste Paper
– Old Magazines Waste Paper
– Sorted Office Paper
– Mixed Paper