Defoamer is a special polyether compound defoamer for papermaking. It has de-foaming and antifoaming properties with strong surfactant action and long duration. It can control the whitewater system foam of newsprint, cultural paper and wrapping paper machine, improve the dewatering ability, and control the foam of the sizing system without affecting the sizing performance. This product is free of mineral hydrocarbons and is an eco-friendly product.


-Defoamer has strong de-foaming, anti foaming and degassing capabilities and lasts for a long time.

-Defoamer has good compatibility and does not conflict with other chemicals in the papermaking system.

-Can effectively improve dehydration, reduce pinholes and bubbles on paper, reduce the frequency of paper breaks, and improve production efficiency.

-Can improve the retention rate and reduce the load on the pump, pressure screen.



Defoamer product is a low viscosity and a facility to spread rapidly on foamy surfaces. It has affinity to the air-liquid surface where it destabilizes the foam lamellas. This causes rupture of the air bubbles and breakdown of surface foam. Entrapped air bubbles are agglomerated, and the larger bubbles rise to the surface of the bulk liquid more quickly.