Dry Strength

Dry strength agents are multifunctional chemicals which are widely used both to enhance paper / paperboard strength such as bursting, compressing, tensile, and internal bond strength etc. and to improve drainage and retention of fiber, fines and filler. 

We have many Dry strength agents that can provide the papermaker a product to meet a wide variety of needs for improved dry strength.


-Excellent dry strength performance from a low addition rate to a high addition rate of  dry strength agent.

-The dry strength performance increases accordingly with the dosages increase. A small addition rate can also produce high-strength paper.

-It can display good dry strength performance in a system with a large amount of anionic trash or with high electrical conductivity.

-Good retention and drainage performance.


-Larger molecular size higher branching degree, larger contact area with the pulp fiber, so the bonding points are increased.

-Help to increase the adhesion of dry strength agent in the system of a large amount of  anionic trash and less foam-forming.

-Can be widely used in low strength to high strength cardboard papermaking systems.