Adhesive Control

Adhesive control agent is a high-density cationic quaternary ammonium salt. With its strong cationic charge, Adhesive control agent removes the anionic trash in the papermaking system to the fiber surface and out of the paper machine circulation system before re-flocculation occurs. (Anionic Trash: Adhesives like printing inks and resins become fine and fine particles after heat dispersion or grinding.) So the cleaning intervals of the paper machine net and press section is prolonged and the production of the paper machine is improved. (Reduce sticky spots on the paper surface, reduced paper breaks) Adhesive control agent  control the resin barrier and flocculation of the adhesives in the papermaking process, reduce the wastewater treatment load, and also reduce dosage of pulp sizing agent.


-CM-P 5510 trap and flocculate anionic particles such as colloidal particles, hot-melt particles, asphalt, and ink in papermaking systems, especially in waste paper systems.

-CM-P 5510 reduce the surface activity and stability of anionic particles with its cationic charge.

-CM-P 5510 help to purify pulp, improve pulp retention, reduce paper breaks and paper defects.



-The adhesion of resin components in pulp and waste paper pulp can be reduced, and they can be effectively fixed on the pulp.

-Reduce downtime and yield loss caused by sediment cleaning.

-Improve the speed and quality of paper machine.

-It is easily soluble in water and produces fewer bubbles.