According to the different degrees of cation, the cationic charge of polyacrylamide powder particles are applied to different papermaking sewage flotation and sludge filtration. For the solid-liquid separation of papermaking wastewater,  cationic polyacrylamide can effectively collect the solid content to form large and strong floc which can achieve ideal air flotation and sedimentation effect to ensure. The clarity of the filtrate. For the sludge filter dehydration, cationic polyacrylamide can effectively help form large and strong floc to remove water in the sludge and improve the dryness of sludge residue.


The polyacrylamide powder particles with anionic charge is suitable for different papermaking sewage floatation solid-liquid separation and sludge filtration dehydration according to the degree of hydrolysis.


-Removal of heavy metals and chemicals.

-Residual protection against contamination.

-Visual improvement of water and acceptability.



Cationic and anionic flocculants and thus can be used in a wide pH range. It is suitable for the treatment of wastewater, which is difficult for a single chargeable flocculant, especially in water-soluble dye wastewater decolorization.