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Cheng ming chemical

Before Cheng Ming Chemical (Thailand) has been established on 2018 in Thailand

Founded and invested by Hongkong International Paper Chemicals S&T Co. Ltd., Guangdong Chengming Chemical S&T Co., Ltd. sets up 3 production bases in Dongguan and Nantong, among which Dongguan Longteng Industrial Co. Ltd. put into production in 2003 and Nantong Tenglong Chemical S&T Ltd. in 2013; Guangdong Tenglong Chemical S&T Co., Ltd. was put into construction in 2010 and put into production in 2017. Guangdong Chengming Chemical S&T Co., Ltd. is a modern high-tech papermaking chemical enterprise specializing in the production and sales of AKD neutral and alkaline sizing agent, surface sizing agent, dry strength agent for papermaking and carboxylated styrene latex products as well as providing technical services, with the production and sales of bactericide, retention aid agents, coating aid agents and sewage treatment agent as secondary businesses. With over 10 years of effort, the company has been recognized by the market.

Cheng ming chemical (thailand)

"We specialize in paper chemicals and dyestuffs"

we have been committed to paper chemicals for over 15 years and we focus on providing the best and most competitive chemical products in order to grow with our customers, create a pollution-free environment and make a contribution to the world. However, with the tightening of the Chinese market right now , Cheng Ming Group must continue to improve and enhance its competitiveness. Therefore, in order to provide comprehensive services to satisfy customers, the main purpose of Cheng Ming Chemical (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Our Products & SERVICES

We are totally committed to providing our valued business partners with quality products and solutions that match their need in every aspect.

CMSol® Liquid
CMSol® liquid can be used in various kinds of writing, printing culture paper, as well as industrial paper such as case board paper and card paper, and can also be used in the various coated paper such as coated paper, this series of products are also commonly used in a variety of special depth dyeing paper, decorative paper, advance office paper, Newsprint, and Inkjet dyeing.
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Cationic Etherifying Agent is important additives in the paper industry, widely used in starch, cellulose, chitosan, and other chemical modification. The cationic starch is etherification modified that can be used for paper surface sizing, retention and drainage aids, enhancers, etc., is a kind of largely consumed papermaking additives. Also, it can be used in the textile industry used as a fixing agent, it improves its adhesion to the dye.
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CMC Paper
Our company also has linerboard such as Kraft linerboard (Kraftliner), Coated Linerboard (Coated Kraftliner), Test linerboard (Testliner), and White Top Linerboard (White Top Liner). Then we select premium raw materials produced from advanced machinery and mature skills and technology.
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CMC Cationic Starch
Our CMC Cationic Starch is a high viscosity modified starch with positive charge molecular that gave a strength and tension on paper tissue. Moreover, our Cationic starch could improve quality and ink absorption. Contact us for more info.
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