Sludge Recycling Aid

Sludge recycling aid are modified polymer specially developed for the recycling of paper sludge. The products flocculate and adhere in organic and organic fine particles in the sludge, reduce the surface area of the sludge particles, increase the interweaving area of the fibers and the hydrogen bonding sites between fibers and fibers, thereby reducing the risk of paper strength down due to sludge recycling. 

The improvement of sludge particle size can help the paper sludge to be better retained in the paper sheet, making it possible to recycle the paper sludge.


-Increase the retention of recycled sludge to reduce the risk of deterioration of the wet end system due to reuse of sludge.

-Increase the amount of reused sludge without influencing the normal operation of the paper machine.

-Reduce the paper machine operation problems such as sticky cloth and press caused by the reuse of sludge.

-Reduce the impact of recycled sludge on paper quality.



-Larger molecular size higher branching degree, larger contact area with the pulp fiber, so the bonding points are increased.

-Help to increase the adhesion of dry strength agent in the system of a large amount of  anionic trash and less foam-forming.

-Can be widely used in low strength to high strength cardboard papermaking systems.