Monthly News September 2020


Social Security services via Mobile Application for insured persons Can
register to use the application at the website page by registering, which
requires a 13-digit ID card number by clicking on register to access the
system, which must include a prefix, first name, surname, email. , Phone
number, including setting a password that you want to use within this
Apps, after that all information will appear as follows.

– Check out the medical facility
– Check old balance
– Check the submission of contributions



Social security increases the right to rehabilitation in the work of employees. Increase to no more than 180,000 baht from 150,000 baht. If an employee is injured from work Undergo physical rehabilitation At the Social Security Office workers
rehabilitation center expenses for treatment and surgery for the benefit of rehabilitation at work, if it exceeds the rate set by the Ministry of Law, the Social Security Office shall pay the same expenses actually pay as needed.



Lesson Toeic by Google Classroom. You can click join to attend immediately and download video clips for study at any time, and you can study anytime you want.
**HR will post new video clips and delete old videos on the 1st and 15th of every month until the end**




Cheng Ming offers a compact range of OBAs produced to meet paper industry requirements.
CMWhite® enables the paper maker to achieve high whiteness and brightness levels on all types of bleached pulps. These products include anionic disulphonated and tetrasulphonated OBAs that allow the paper maker to produce superior whites by:* Wet-end application
* Size press application
* Coating applicationesson